Is Your Business Out of Control?

Do You Need Help Putting the Systems, Processes, Team and Support Structures in Place for Greater Profits, Increased Productivity, and More Free Time?

If So, You May Be Ready to Hire an OBM!
(Online Business Manager)

You’ve tried the pen and paper method

to prioritize your business tasks, but it hasn’t helped you make any progress. 
You have downloaded the latest productivity app to manage tasks and send you reminders, but your to-do list is still piling up. 
You have thought of hiring an assistant but you’re overwhelmed by the thought of an extra task- teaching them your business and delegating your admin work, so you just keep on doing what you do. 
And you even thought, if you just hired a nanny to help watch your kids, you could have a power hour and really get things done- but without a clear business plan you just spend time replying to emails, and posting on social media.

I see you running your business like the boss that you are.
You do it ALL.
You handle marketing/advertising, admin tasks, client follow-ups, social media, content planning, sales, manage your team, and everything in between!
You’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because there just isn’t enough time to get everything done.
You want balance. You want more time and more freedom, after all, that is why you started this journey as an entrepreneur.

You want more organization and you want simplicity so that you can get things done quickly and efficiently and still have time to spend with your loved ones at the end of the day.
You want peace of mind and confidence that you are spending time on the things that matter most and make an impact on your business.
You crave sanity.
You just want to feel in control of your business again.

These methods don’t work because what you really need is an …

Online Business Manager

Whether you’re focusing on serving clients or growing your team, hiring an OBM means having a right-hand woman to take over the day-to-day so you can focus on the big picture.

I help you get strategic about your business. We will audit your current processes and routines and assess how to give you more time back. I will help you implement systems and routines to keep your business moving and chip away at those profit goals one task at a time.
Schedule a FREE Consultation to make sure we’re a great fit!

Services Offered

Service & Ops Package


This package includes ALL of the deliverables in Service Package #2  PLUS we revamp the systems in your business. This includes implementing recommendations from your audit report.

*A 3-month minimum contract is required for retainer support.

Complete “SOS” Package


The complete “SOS” package!
This includes ALL of the
deliverables in Service & Ops
package + we create a SOCIAL strategy that aligns with your business offers!

*A 3-month minimum contract is required for retainer support.

Service Package


The Service Package aka “The Client Experience” is my signature package! This includes client management (on-boarding/off-boarding clients), material creation, and the CRM systems set up to support exceptional service.

*A 3-month minimum contract is required for retainer support.

The Process

Step 1:

Complete Pre-Work- After selecting your OBM Support package, you will receive a detailed questionnaire and initial systems audit request via email. Please submit at least 2 days before our scheduled Deep Dive call. 

Step 2:

Schedule Deep Dive Call-  We will discuss your business in detail and discuss your vision, goals, and projects to create a clear blueprint with actionable steps for the next 90 days. 

Step 3:

Onboarding- Woohoo! It’s official and I am now part of your support squad! During the onboarding period, I will get to know your team and processes currently in place, request systems access, set up your Business & Admin dashboards, and begin project mapping based on your business priorities.

Step 4:

OBM IN ACTION! Pop the champagne + celebrate because you are ready to kickstart these project goals! I’ll map out your projects, set your deadlines, and delegate your tasks! We will use the SPRINT technique to tackle 2 projects per month. 

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Online Business Manager – and you can think of me as an efficiency consultant for your service-based business. I focus on three major themes that make the biggest impact on freeing up your time as a business owner, and helping you bring your business to the next level, and introduce your next big ideas to the world: Service, Ops, & Social strategies. I have 14 years of business experience and I have worked as an Operations and Business Manager in the fast-paced banking industry. I’ve also worked as a virtual assistant implementing operating procedures, client onboarding materials, and social media management. I’m thrilled to partner with you!

I’m all about faith, family, integrity, efficiency, and fun! I have the best intentions of serving others well. I value time freedom to spend with family for myself and for your business. I respect honesty and integrity and build trust by doing what I say and being upfront. I value efficiency and take pride in getting stuff done right the first time and I appreciate having fun because work doesn’t have to be boring. Am I right?

I love working with mompreneurs because I get you! I’m a mama too. I know what it’s like to put yourself last and feel guilty for working hard and staying up late just to get things done. You are used to managing it all because you ARE after all a super mom (*ahem) I mean, SUPERHUMAN!

Even though you CAN “handle” it, I’m here for you. You don’t have to carry the burden of running your business by yourself.

“Organization and priority management! I can do 3x as much work now with you delegating my tasks!
Get off the fence! You need her! All my social media is automated and set up for success. Projects are being completed that I worried would be on the back burner forever! I have a better grasp of where my time is going. My overwhelm is gone. You make me do more…better and faster.”
Nicole P

Payment options 

(One-time payment or monthly payment option available)

What is the difference between a Virtual Assistant VA and an Online Business Manager OBM?

VA provides basic task support — they receive the task and complete it, they are the implementers of given strategies.
Assistants are accountable for their own work and complete their work in a project, they don’t typically strategize or oversee projects. When you hire a VA they are a member of your team. 
OBM (online business manager) – operates at a managerial level, proactive about the business, and not reactive. Implements the strategies for various goals and projects but also a soundboard for your ideas. OBM’s ensures that the team is getting the right things done, at the right time, and by the right people. OBM’s are your right-hand person who knows the ins and outs of your business. In some instances they will implement parts of the strategy they come up with, however, the bulk of implementation is done by the VA on your team.