Are You Ready to Take Back 10 hours Per Week?

Did you know that if your fitness program onboarding process is inefficient, it could be costing you 10 hours a week in unnecessary repetitive tasks that you could be AUTOMATING? 

What if your client onboarding could deliver:

Increased Profits

IMAGINE having the right client systems to allow you to work ON your business and finally see the income from scaling your business to the next level. 

Referrals on auto-pilot

IMAGINE getting MORE referrals on auto-pilot with a streamlined process that all you have to do is hit the reply button and thank them for joining your challenge.

increase program completion

IMAGINE an effective support and accountability system that ensures your customers complete their programs! No more quitting in week 2!


This FREE call is for you if:

  • You sell your program online 
  • Your fitness/nutrition programs are selling well
  • You want a simple, effective way to engage your clients and increase retention and program completion
  • You are spending too much time in the day to day client communications and need an easier way to get the back and forth emails off your plate.


There are 5 essential systems to running a successful, efficient business. 

You can try to work on all of them at once and may be thinking that you just need more customers. The problem with that is that more inquiries DOES NOT always equal MORE MONEY

It actually costs more money to acquire a NEW CUSTOMER than to nurture an existing one. 

Your current setup may not be able to support that kind of demand. 

So we need to do something about it.

Your customized roadmap will ensure you don’t waste another minute on repetitive tasks and will make your onboarding easy, seamless. 

No sales pitch or sleazy sales scripts. Just honest, transparent conversation and you’ll leave with a customized onboarding checklist with actionable takeaways for you to implement.

If you decide you need implementation support, I would be happy to share more about my Client Systems Accelerator service. If you don’t have any questions, we end our call and you walk away with your checklist.

I would love to help you SAVE TIME!

In 20 minutes, I will tell how you can save time with your onboarding and automate most of the steps.

You will even walk away with a roadmap of quick and simple steps to make your onboarding seamless. 

IMAGINE having 10+ hours back a week because you can FINALLY step out of program fulfillment without sacrificing client experience.